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If this belongs under a different heading other than "theory," please place it there, as it is more of an observation. I have no wish to violate the rules, here.

It's no secret that many characters in Lost are named after either 1) philosophers, or 2) famous scientists, especially physicists involved in quantum physics.

I have just discovered that Dogen is clearly named after one of the most famous and important philosophers in the history of Japan, who was also simply named "Dogen." A buddhist, he was a proponent of free will, opposing religious fatalism. He believed that if one found enlightenment, one could transcend space and time. And he generally opposed dualistic philosophy, advocating broad unity in religion and philosophy, even to the point of rejecting terms like "Zen" because they conveyed a separation or division within Buddhism. He strongly advocated practical philosophy/religion rather than the empty words of pseudo-spiritual and esoteric mysticism. Buddhism must be rooted directly in its practice in everyday life.

I don't know the full implications of this, although clearly much of the above relate to the story of Lost. Just some interesting information on the meaning of Dogen's name, just as so many other characters's names refer to other philosophers and physicists (e.g. Locke, Rousseau, Bakunin, Faraday, etc.)

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