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Death of Sawyer by Kate by Keith Svetlin

Throughout the series, there have been visions, frequent unexpected visits by Others, time travel, etc... but at no point in the series has there been a case of possession of someone's body. The closest we are to having seen this appears to be the growing infection in Sayid, and the infection in Claire. This however looks to be explained by influence of the man in black along with a near death, if not death itself experience.

Going back to season two, episode 2x09 "What Kate Did", we have ourselves a very sick Sawyer close to death. At one point in grabs Kate and says, "You killed me. Why did you kill me?" This line has always bugged me since the day it was spoken. Since all the focus was on the story of Kate and how she was escaping from marshal Edwin Mars this initially in my mind and most peoples could have been seen as either a) Kate's guilty conscious and the island talking through Sawyer to her or b) a possession of Sawyer by Wayne.

I offer a third alternative which is that this perhaps was actually a jump through time on the part of Sawyer to a point in the future where he is dying and Kate is the one who actually was the one causing his death. We have seen a couple times now for example with Charlotte and Juliette where a character will seem to spout a random phrase right before their death. Sawyer was closest to death during this part of the season and what may have been taken for a possession could have actually been a flash to another point in time.

As we have seen so far in season 6, there appears to be two sides gathering. If Sawyer has indeed joined forces with MIB, this would put him and Kate on opposite sides. There may be a point later in the season where we will see Kate kill Sawyer and it can be part of this battle between dark and light. If Sawyer is just playing the long con with the MIB, this could still lead to an accidental shooting of Sawyer by Kate or some other means of his demise.

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