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After thinking about the cave and the Lighthouse, I thought that maybe the names that have been crossed off are not "no longer candidates" but maybe they are people who have chosen a side, MIB or Jacob. For example, we know Littleton was one of the names and it was crossed off.... but Claire/Aaron, whoever it refers too, is still alive so it cannot mean that these people are dead. Claire has chosen to be on MIB's side so her name is crossed off. He has won her.

Once MIB or Jacob successfully gets one of the candidates on their side, they cross their name off. Sayid's name will be crossed off next because he has become "dark" from the infection which we learned last episode. The names can only be crossed off once the person is 100% on that side so Sawyer (who has not been infected) can not be crossed off yet because he is not 100% on MIB's side yet.

Also, we did not see Kate's name in the cave which some people believe belongs to MIB. This might mean that he does not want her to join his side so he did not write her name down. Perhaps he does not want her to join his side because he already knows she is special and will always be on Jacob's? Or maybe he just doesn't know how important she is or doesn't want her at all? This could also be why he did not seem pleased that she joined him and his followers after his attack on the Temple.

I do not have time to read every single theory so I am not sure if this has already been put out there but I thought it would be interesting to share and see what others think. Thanks!

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