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Sayid in episode "Sundown" tells Locke "the only thing I ever wanted died in my arms, and I'll never see it again". It seems strange that he would refer to either Nadia or Shannon as "it" and not her. I believe that Sayid was referring to a baby Nadia was carrying when she was run over in episode "The Incident". It is unclear why Jacob saves Sayid for that or if he causes the death of Nadia in the first place. Clearly that would throw Sayid into a rage.

In the episode where she is run over by a car she is wearing a loose fitting dress and she is covered by a really big purse on one side and Sayid on the other. They are talking about needing a bigger house.

In season 2 Michael kills two people and betrays his friends to protect his son. In this case, Sayid kills because he is promised to see him again. Was this foreshadowing of what is to come?

Now lets look at the implications of all this. Lets assume that in the original time line everyone who is with evil Locke after "Sundown" has/had a child (Sun and Jin, Sawyer, Claire, and Kate who raised Aaron).

The only one who doesn't have a child in the original time line is Jack. Maybe even Hurley has a son with Libby in the new time line remember he is lucky.

So we have allegiances pledged for either Jacob or evil Locke who control two different outcomes or time lines. Based on who wins will determine which of the Losties will get to see their children again. They will be manipulated to fight each other.

The lines have been drawn.

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