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Chess Pieces, and a lot more by Resettheory


First, I would like to say that i'm not sure if there will be any complete description of the game/struggle for humanity we have all been introduced to or even an attempt at one. If they try, they will probably have it explained by Jacob or Richard to
one of our yet to be infected survivors by saying; "It really doesn't translate to english. The closest thing would be..... {wait for it}, chess." That would be true I suppose since with 360 players the 4Dboard would be roughly 56 times the size of an actual board. So this is kind of relating the character's characters {double word score!} to the game of chess. Psych! I think the loops take care of that and they play with a much smaller number in each iteration.{The game only ends once}

When we found out that the ash circle alone was not enough to stop Titus Welliver or TW from now on,{using actor's name cus' i'm sick of presuming!} Jacob needed Dogen alive in order to set up his next moves, but since Dogen is dead it means that Jacob was willing to sacrafice him. On a chess board i'm theorizing that Dogen would be a white rook. Seen as a defender of the temple. Sayid would most likely be a black knight. Basically cus' his skills match the description.

This would give us the information that Jacob and TW are not on the board. They are in essence "above the board". A related thought about the scale we saw in the oceanside cave; The scale was slightly tilted towards white, that I believe would indicate the balance since TW had been imprisoned. His trapped, BSM form could not access the cave because I believe it cannot be over water.

All signs point to the time of the Black Rock(dramatic foreshadowing anyone) being the time when TW was put in check so to speak. Why? Cus'the black rock is inland, and in the parallel timeline we see that the island is sunk, and that is the most logical way to connect how the ship is where it is. So the island must have for some reason arose when the ship sailed above it, at least to those who saw it, sank to create the despair/loss of faith I believe required to enter the game, and whomever will be on that ship along with Richard will wake up amazed to be alive. *More on this*

Is it possible the island only appears sunk to those who have not been touched? That would expain why the island appeared to dissappear to those on the chopper, the island timeflashed to a time before Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Frank, and Sayid were deemed candidates. In theory if they had waited around it would have come back! Either way I think in the parallel they all have faith in something, cannot be candidates. Therefore the island to them is underwater and invisible.

*Back to the point, Possibly this is when TW, not Jacob will appear to Richard and any other shipper that ends up alive at that point and touch them the same way as we saw Jacob do to our human lottery numbers, putting them on the path that either see's wise. Richard already had others when they purged the Dharmites and presumably when Ben was a boy, so they could be other candidates. See i'm thinking TW was indeed alive at that
point, so he could bring candidates to the island as well.

Speaking of candidates, I think some players like Richard and Sayid are no longer candidates/pawns but they got the job. Maybe the rules say you can be different pieces as long as you are on the board. The difference being that Jacob's players are alive in hope/spirit and TW's are dead inside. Currently with TW being out of check and Jacob in check, he thinks he is on his way Jacob must have gotten Richard who was a candidate for the
Black side to kill TW, like Ben who killed Jacob and in this theory both of them would have been brought back from the dead by the one they follow IF, and only if it was TW's move at the time of the black rock. Also edvident is that to claim a piece for one's side they must be brought back from the dead. With TW dead, I guess maybe he could no longer move agressively because he was in check, so his moves were very limited, ending the matches where they began, AKA stalemate, or timeloop. So nobody has won yet, because the game only ends once, so until he could have a piece that Jacob had claimed and had been killed, not buried, and delivered to him. Ala' Locke. Now the scale has
tipped the other way with TW re-upped, and Jacob checked for now. So how did TW get out of check? By influencing Locke to stop pushing the 108 minute clock, forcing Desmond to
turn the failsafe key.*More on this*

In conventional chess the white side moves first, so Jacob has first dibbs on the dead. Let's say for 108 minutes anyone? Miles told Sayid that he was dead for two hours, that's 120 minutes. Hmm... No more hatch clock to hold him down, along with dead Locke, killed by a desciple of Jacob{Ben}, who was manipulated to do work for TW the entire time leading up to Jacob's death, TW had the two ingredients he needed to be who he now is.

Strange thing is that both TW and Jacob pushed Ben and the other 316er's back with instructions to bring Locke. But this is actually reassuring to me first cus' I believe firmly that Jacob is good, because he and I share faith in humanity. TW doesn't think well of our ways and has no faith in progress. Second because Jacob helps get them there, so he mos' def' has his own loophole.

Finally, the loophole of course is Desmond, the effects it had on him, and how I assume he will fill our parallel timeline survivors in. He is now playing in two games at once, and now that TW is human, he can't know that fact, which will be his downfall in the end, along with the fact that Jacob and/or John Locke's spirit will be able to influence him, as we have seen already. "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!"

One last thought is that when Ben told
Locke about the magic box, and there was his father. That created the opportunity for TW, tricking Ben into believing Jacob was telling{thru Ben himself} Locke how he could
see Jacob, the thing he wanted most at the time to find out the truth behind everything. Thing is, I believe if Locke had killed his father with his own hands he wouldn't have ended up where he did. He manipulated Sawyer into it, and was selfish. Like Sayid now wanting Nadia back at all costs, as opposed to Dogen giving his son new life in exchange for never getting to see him again. Dogen was selfless in his recruitment. To me that is the difference in Jacob and TW, as well as all on the show. Free will in the face of chaos, as opposed to a closed mind, with no hope or faith in the future.


To close here is a wiki entry that fits well with our beloved show.

{The Immortal Game was a chess game played on 21 June 1851 by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky. The very bold sacrifices made by Anderssen to finally secure victory have made it one of the most famous chess games of all time. Anderssen gave up both rooks and a bishop, then his queen, checkmating his opponent with his three remaining minor pieces. It has been called an achievement "perhaps unparalleled in chess literature."}

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