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Cain is Able by Jferring

This season a lot of focus has been placed on the theme of exile. My feeling is that this island was (is) the place of exile for Adam and Eve upon their exit from the garden of Eden.

The two men (MIB and Jacob) are actually Cain (bad guy) and a descendant or candidate passed on from Seth (the 3rd son of Eve). Abel as we know is dead. MIB/Cain represents the evil, the serpent (smokie), and all that poisons man. Seth was a gift to Eve "appointed" to her by God after the death of Abel. Seth is the appointed protector, and according to the Bible, Seth's descedants included Noah (who did a lot of sailing and protected man through the flood).

So, MIB is all the evil, temptation, lies, and corruption of man. Jacob (is either seth or an appointed candidate in the line of Seth), and is the good, the free will, the choice, and the self redemption. They are at war, and always will be. Jacob or an appointed replacement for Jacob are there to stop Cain for infecting the world with hate, temptation, and lies.

The island is a middle-ground, somewhere between the normal lives we lead and the destiny(s) that may be waiting for us. The people brought to the island are either corrupted (and then dead), or saved and allowed to follow their destiny. The island can move. The island can act as a magnet and draw people there to play the 'game.' The island has all the properties of heaven and hell. On the island, life can be everlasting, or it can be a personal hell for eternity. The island can cure people and it can perform miracles. But it cannot create life, hence why babies may not be born there. The mothers cannot bring children to full term because this was Eve's final resting place. She was the first to give birth and her place of exile is cursed to never give birth again. (That's my take on it).

Somehow, Widmore, Dharma, and others have accidentally happened upon this island (way station) and found its incredible properties. MIB and Jacob played the game with all the inhabitants. The Ben led Others were tricked by MIB (making Ben think he was Jacob), and therefore they were bad and most of them have died...

The Losties and the good folks have been directed to the island to play Jacob's redemption game. Some have failed. Like Ana Lucia, Michael, Eko, etc. They did not take the path of redemption and therefore they succumed to the smoke monster or another fate.

In the end, the island will have Jacob and the candidates, and MIB and the evil. Widmore has no idea what he is involved in...and I think he'll be killed off soon enough...same even for Ben. He has been a pawn his whole life and the pawn will see sacrifice. Richard, maybe he will be set 'free' and allowed to go see Isabella in heaven in the end...but the end will be Jack sitting next to (F)Locke on the island, and the game will start anew.

Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Sun and Jin, Bernard and Rose, and even Claire will be saved by Jack and they will choose redemption. Miles is probably going to bite it...but his fate has always been tied to the island. Kate and Sawyer will probably end up together (two criminals redeemed). Sun and Jin will return to their child. Claire will return to her baby Aaron and her own mother (grandma). Most everyone else will be on their merry way (like Penny/Desmond/baby Charlie).

The island needs Jack. Jack always opposed his own father and the game MIB played with him from Day 1 was to play the image of Christian Sheppard against Jack. He was never Jacob, the cabin was never Jacob's...it was all smokie trying to bend the rules and manipulate everyone. The real Jacob could never interfere...Ben was corrupted and Locke was corrupted, both power hungry and controlling. This is why MIB took Locke's form because of the influence it could exert. Upon having Ben kill Jacob the loophole was found and now he cannot change form...just be smokie or Locke...That is how it ends up Jack vs. Locke for eternity in the end....but maybe...

Jack chooses (via free will) to be the ultimate savior of man...he always tried to save everyone...now he gets to do it for good...Locke wanted to become a part of the island and he did eventually 'becoming' smokie. The game continues...until Jack find the final loophole and destroys the island and smokie and himself...sacrificing himself for the redemption of the rest of the cast.

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