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Ben will be the new Jacob by PernG

I think it might be possible that Ben will be the new Jacob.

Everything Ben has done has been for the island.. He's shown complete loyalty and sacrifice for the island. By him killing Jacob, he might have started his quest to become the protector of the island. What he is going through now is his tribulations on his path to enlightenment.. ie. realizing what he has done, understanding his past decisions. In his messed up way, he has already assumed the role of the protector of the island, and maybe that's why Jacob was not too enthusiastic about Ben.. He was pretty much making Jacob obsolete(?) Or maybe Jacob realized that Ben was going to take over for him as the protector and hated him for it.

Its kind of weird, but he is the catalyst of everything that is in motion. He killed John Locke, allowing the MIB to take over.. He killed Jacob allowing the island to start going all kinds of crazy.. He overthrew Charles Widmore, which now is bent on revenge(?)

Ben could've died a bunch of times already, but he's constantly endured everything (survived the black monster, survived Illana, his cancer, Desmond, etc.) Is he the chosen one?

Side Note: Ben is kind of a perfect mix of science and faith. He's always logical and understands the science of things (hence him being a doctor of some sort?) but at the same time he believed in the spirituality of the island. Perfect Mix = Jacob?

whattttt i blew everyones minds i know.

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