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Babies may be the Key by MilkFromACow

This is what I was thinking. Sorry if I don't remember all the names...

I think that Aaron and Jin/Suns baby could end up being the two opposing factions (MIB, Jacob) in some sort of end game reset.

Facts to support:

-It has been indicated over and over that Clair's baby was and will be key to the island mythology.
-The head other girl indicated that she knew she had to protect a Qwan (sp), she didn't know if it was Jin or Sun. How about their baby?
-Sun was infertile until she got to the island. Interesting indeed.
-The others snatched up Claire's baby asap, and there is all sorts of mystery surrounding that.
-Claire makes mention of the fact that she would kill Kate if Kate had taken Aaron off the island. This is also interesting because MIB wants to get off the island, which leads me to believe that Aaraon may be said evil force, where as Sun's baby could end up being the new Jacob.

It is my theory that the show will end with the two new "candiates", Jacob/MIB being the old ones, sitting on the beach and talking as yet another plane/ship crashes, and the whole LOST candidate process will reset. Lost 2.0??
This would certainly lend credence to the fact that Cuse and Lindeloff had the last scene in mind since inception. It's easy to the idea of a complete reset as the last scene...history repeating itself endlessly with different "candidates".

-All other "players" could have been on the island for the sole reason of fostering the babies into their full role of the candidates.

-If it doesn't turn out to be the Qwan child, I'd vote for Aaron and Walt. He was the other child sought after by the others..but ultimately let go.


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