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Alt Predates the Bomb by Jhisc9999

I believe that the changes reflected in the Alt timeline predate the bomb/incident. Many of you have probably also come to that conclusion. The proof is Ben and his father. I have scanned through last season’s finale and found that it is impossible for Ben and his father to have left on the sub before the bomb exploded. The sub left long before Roger shot Sayid. So how and when did the Alt Ben and Roger leave?

I think that the actual change occurred when Jack, Kate, Sayid and Hurley went back to 1977. Before that, it was WHH. The evidence is that Faraday tells Jack that they are not supposed to be there. Also, as soon at the O6 leave to go back to the island, Eloise suddenly can’t see the future.

So what did the O6 (O4 actually) do to change things? Lots. Sayid shot little Ben. If he had not shot Ben, Ben and his father would likely have been on the sub when the children were evacuated. The evacuation was a part of WHH. It always happened. Miles and Charlotte had always been evacuated. The evacuation was prompted by Faraday (regardless of the O4), so Faraday was a part of WHH.

But Faraday didn’t know that his plan was going to fail. He didn’t know that he would be shot by his own mother. In WHH, the plan ended there. But the O4 changed this. Jack carries out Faraday’s plan. The bomb galvanizes the new timeline.

This is where it gets fuzzy. For some reason when the bomb created the new timeline, it did not include the changes made by the O4. This is very odd because those changes included the bomb. Instead, those changes seem to be part of the original timeline (older Ben remembers being healed at the Temple). Imagine two timelines starting at the moment when the O4 return. Instead of carrying on and possibly merging (self correcting), they cross over at the moment the bomb is detonated.

Still trying to wrap my head around this last part. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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