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I am ImTheSmokeThing I will be posting weekly theories for the remaining episodes of LOST
until its series conclusion on May 23rd. Im 15 years old and live in New Jersey, US.... and if u
dont care about any of this please feel free to skip down to my recap and theory. Please do not
critisize me this is my first time writing a lost recap, but feel free to express your opinions and
it would be cool if u guys could post comments down at the bottom of this page. Ok so lets start.
Things I noticed

Ok ill cut right to the chase and then i will work my way back from there. HOLY **** (not sure
if im aloud to curse in the theories section) this episode was fantastic for a 46 min whatever long
episode, i realy got to hand it to the people who work on lost. Great story arc for Richard in such
sparing time. Very simple send off for the episode. A look at where we last left off when Jacob was
talking to Illana in the Russian hospital. This episode unlike the previous episodes in season 6
consist of flashbacks instead of "flash sideways." To be precise almost the entire span of the episode
takes place in the past laying out the story of Richard "Ricardos" Alpert. In the hospital Jacob tells
Illana there are only six candidates left and once she has them in her protection Ricardos will know
what to do. On the island Richard explains he knows nothing, he is confused, angry(as ben points out)
and beleives that him and all the other Losties are in hell. Wait... what did he say- hell! NO THEY
just wanted to clear theat up. from their Richard walks off into the jungle and then.... whooosh flashback
time! If you look at the bottom of the screen it says Richard is from the Cayman Islands, the same year
the black rock supposively whent missing,hmmm. Anyhow Richards wife, Isabella is very sick so Richard
sets out to get her help. The doctor says that the necklace Isabelle gave him for payment is useless. By
accident in an attempt to beg for the doctor's forgiveness the doctor falls and cracks the back of his head on
a table. This scene reminded me alot about when Desmond goes into a rage demanding answers from his
partner in the Dharma initiative A.K.A Sayid's Commanding officer. When desmond learns he was trying to
leave the island and the button was a joke desmond accidentally kills him when he cracks his head on a rock.
OK so when Richard gets back his wife is dead and he is put in jail to be hung the next day. In prison Richard
makes his confession to his father who is a priest, but he says the only way to earn god's forgiveness is through
penance and he doesnt have tome for that. So his father says sorry charlie your going to hell but a man learns
Richard can speak english so he is put on a slave ship.... The Black Rock. Ship gets caught in bad storm and crashes
into the statue(later learning only the foot remained ooooh answers...kinda). When he awakes everyone gets killed
by the black smoke with only Richard surviving after being scanned like Mr. Eko was. By the way I beleive the smoke
monster looked good in this epsiode the only reason why it may have looked grey in other episodes, was prob
do to the fact all the scenes were during the night. Later on it may apear that the island is hell to mislead you
because of the scenes where richard cant reach the water coming through the ceiling of the ship and when he cant
reach the pick the pig knocked out of his hands. Richards sees his wife but as soon as i saw it i knew it was M.I.B
tricking richard. When the man in black comes later he tells richard he has to do something for him, in order to be
set free. Richard agrees and man in black says "nice to see you out of those chains" once again confirming the man
in John Lockes body is him. In the forest Man in black tells Richards if he kills the devil he can leave what he tells
Richard is hell and he will see his wife again. This is a long con(no pun intended) that the Man in Black is using.
As we know the Man in black's goal is to leave the island. Man in black cons Richard in attempt killing Jacob who says
is the devil, so that he can probably kill Richard and leave the island and reak havoc on the outside world. Jacob later tells
Richards he is not in hell and to prove it trys to drown richard which makes him realize he is alive. Jacob explaind to Richard
Man in Black was lying and that the knife he gave Richard( same one Dogen gave to Sayid) was from the man in black. The
funny thing was Man in Black told Richard to stab him before he speaks the same thing Dogan told Sayid to do to man in black.
From what Jacob said about the wine bottle and the island being the cork metaphorically, this is what i beleive to be the conflict,
between Jacob and Man in Black, the islands purpose and why Richard doesnt age which was pretty obvious.
Jacob and Man in Black have been on the island for a long time they are probably brothers and their mother was crazy. Just like
Claire has become(apparently). Jacob may have done something to their mother resulting in her death who Jacob was to blame.
They never age just like Richard. Man in Black is forced to stay on the island as long as Jacob or a candidate for one of Jacobs replacement
is alive. The island is the cork for the whine bottle. It keeps the darkness, bad, etc in so he can not harm the outside world. Jacob is the bottle
he holds Man in Black in but the Island/cork puts on the finishing touches. The isalnd is like a prison to the man in black but it is also his
battleground to kill anyone who may be a candidate for Jacob. Jacob beleives that humans can change and learn from thrmselves, they can
be so much and it is not in their life to sin, they may, but anyone can change an by bringing them to the island they can leave their passed
behind a change their ways. So Jacob brings them to the Island to prove Man in Black wrong because he feels even knowing jacob isn't
physically telling them how to acheive their destiny Man in Black beleives they have no destiny and the island is just an island that he
wants to leave. Jacob offers Richard a job to be his representative so he wont physically interfere with the people he brang. In return
Richard wants his wife, Jacob says sorry cant do that. Richards says then I want to be freed of my sins, Jacob says Ummm No way,
So Richard says that he wants to live forever and that is why he never ages. Ok so in 2007 Richard digs up the cross he buried
and asks if the offer to Man in Black still stands Hurley comes and tells him his wife is right next to him, i beleive this was the
person Hurley was talking to in the beggining of the episode on the beach. Hurley says his wife tells him he has to stop the man in black
from leaving the island or they all go to hell. Flashback AGAIN Jacob and Man in Black have another talk and he tells Jacob he should
not be surprises he tried to kill him with the knife through Richard becaus he wanted to leave the island. He says he will kill every last one
of Jacobs candidates until he lets him leave. Jacob gives Man in Black the bottle of wine and says something to pass the time. This is some
bit of irony because he knows it will be a long time. Jacob says " see you around" and the last words of the episode are "sooner then you think"
the same words he told Richard earlier in the season. Then Man in Black breaks the bottle of wine which is a metaphor for that the darkness
will soon be let out of the bottle, and the cork, which is the island. OK GUYS THANKS FOR READING LEAVE COMMENTS SAYIN WHAT YOU
THOUGHT OF IT. SEE YA!!!!!!! SUPER dou** explamation points!!!!!!

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