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Ever since I saw The Variable I was kind of puzzled by Daniels strange behavior. I mean I knew he was a bit crazy but not on this level.

He barged into Others camp as if he was following some kind of orders.

-go back to the island..
-make sure Chang evacuates the island..tell him you are from the future if thats what it takes..
-come find me/go find your mother she'll help you..
-take Jack and Kate with you (because I remember them hiding in the bushes before Charles found them)
-point gun at us/them if you have to because thats the only way you will make us/them listen
-the Swan site energy must be destroyed..
-I made a terrible mistake/your mother made a terrible mistake, Jack is not suppose to be on the island at all
-If you dont do these things Daniel then God help us all..we are all dead, every single one of us

This is what I think happened more or less while Daniel was off the island.
I have no idea who guided him but my strongest guess is Eloise Hawking. I know she was on the island at the time. But something tells me that older version of Eloise knows her way around time..and when/where she is suppose to be...she is some sort of keeper of a timeline. It wouldnt be so strange if she time traveled to An Arbor in order to guide her son from there.
Only other possibility I can think of is Jacob. But either way that someone who guided him made him write the whole thing in his journal..
"You knew this was gonna happen and you sent me here anyway"
I think we misunderstood this. She sent him back from Ann Arbor not from LA.

Daniel Faraday in The Variable had a quest. But he never knew this quest is his path to death.

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