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The basic premise of this theory is so gosh-darned simple that I'll be amazed if no-one's ever posted it before. Nevertheless...

I believe that the smoke monster, (when in its smoke form, not as MIB, Locke, Christian etc) is afraid of/harmed by/sensitive to water. I could make a kryptonite analogy here, but...fine, its like kryptonite.

The evidence:

We have never seen the smoke monster submersed or in contact with water. Flocke was shown bathing his feet in the sea on hydra island, but as I say, this only applies to his smoke form. Before the season 6 premiere, we had never even seen the monster on the beach in its smoke form, and even then it was primarily inside Jacob's lair.

In the season 3 episode 'The Cost of Living', Eko stops to take a drink from a river. The monster, who, by the end of the episode, as killed him, hovers above him in this scene, seemingly unwilling to go the whole hog and take him out there and then. OK, so perhaps the monster was waiting to be sure that Eko was not, as John Locke was, 'amenable to coercion' before removing him as a 'candidate', (an thus a potential vessel for gaining access to Jacob) but still.

In the season 4 episode, 'The Shape of Things to Come', Ben summons the monster by draining a pool of muddy water into a hole in the ground. If the monster's lair is, as we suspect, subterranean, what better way to get it to come for air than flooding its home with liquid kryptonite? As an aside, the whole muddy water thing might have some bearing on the now murky temple pool.

If one of the functions of the island is indeed to keep the MIB trapped, then the reason it is an island is simple: its the perfect prison for him, surrounded on all sides by water. Perhaps, in the flash-sideways time line, the island was sunk to provide a more permanent cage for him. We might wonder why he wouldn't simply steal someone's body and sail away in a boat, but perhaps, up until now, he has been limited in what physical tasks he can perform with those bodies (he was able to pick up a lantern as Christian, but not help John up). The monster can, to a certain extent, fly, but I suspect that it needs to return to its lair every so often: its never all that persistent in its attacks. If it fails within a couple of minutes (or even if it succeeds) it seems to go straight back into one of its holes. I suspect that the only safe way for the MIB to get off the island has something to do with the frozen donkey wheel, and that he's only sticking around atm to finish what h! e started with Jacob and his followers.

There is only one obvious hole to this theory that I can think of: When the monster attacked Jack, Kate and Charlie in 'Pilot: Part 1” it was raining. I'm willing to change my tune a little on this and suggest that perhaps water acts as a kind of smokie steroid, causing it to lose control and go on the rampage (it would explain why it came roaring out of the jungle like a freight train to deal with the mercenaries after Ben pulled the plughole.

Does anyone have anything to add to the smokie/water connection?

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