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I watched this weeks episode and being a tad obsessive was wondering why Kate Austin didn't have a #. Then while reading these forums about MIB/Jacob I theorized why.

If the numbers represent potential candidates and Kate doesn't have a number, the logical explaination would be that she is not a candidate at all.

Using that logical deduction it would make sense that Kate's on the island. She had the ability to kill a man (her father/step father in a fire if I recall) before she got to the island. Nobody else on the island had ever killed before they got to the island - except S. Jarrah and hes been "eliminated".

Kate is on the island because she will be the one to kill the black smoke/ Flocke. If Jacob was a numbers man, he would have assigned Kate a number even if he didn't think that she was going to be a candidate.

I could be far off but I think that this is very possible given the recent numbers in the secret cave.

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