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This is my 1st theroy but i would like to see what other people think? They put alot of focus on Redemption.I don't have all the answers but i think i figured out why the side flashes have nothing to do with the flash backs or flash forwards.I think that most of the people on the island who have been making the right decisions morally.They will be different then what they were.

It just seems like so far the people who made the right choices on the island are having good sideflashes and totally different then what were use to(ex.locke with his girl ,or hurley being lucky instead of cursed)The past had to have changed cause hurley got the lotto numbers in a mental hospital which it seems he hasn't been in on the sideflash ,or locke being asked if hes going to see his father who we thought put him in the chair which i think is now a different story of how that happened.I also think jack will end up fixing him for som! e reason.This is a lil tougher to explain but sometimes pockets of time and space can seem like years to some but be merely seconds in an alternate universe.So therefore there time on the island could have only been seconds on the plane which is why you see a lil turbulance for all we know that could of been a time warp but i can't explain that.Back to my point If the end is always the same does jacob mean the island or the alternate universe and who does he mean it for.If people "redeem" themselves on the island then maybe it changes the past and some things are better because there have different souls,morals and good hearts(ex. maybe sawyers not a con man he's a good guy with a good situation) Kates a wildcard because she hasnt really did anything to redeem herself therefore in the side flash shes still on the run and hurting people or maybe she has not yet redeem herself and in the end her sideflash will end good.In conclusion i believe the end of the show will have som! ething to do with redemption and how it changes peoples lives ! i have t o think this is the only way to explains having flashes on this show.They change the past for themselves.What do you think?

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