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I don't think people should write off Sawyer and Kate because of Juliet. For the record, I am actually a fan of Sawyer and Juliet. I was a Sawyer/Kate fan, despised the idea of hooking him up with Juliet, but then found myself pleasantly surprised by their relationship. But come on! This relationship played out as such filler, regardless of the writers' intentions then or now(I don't know what they are). Kate was always in the picture during this relationship. They shared one sweet moment and right before or right after that, Sawyer talked about how he once loved Kate. All of that was just a build up to their moment at the end where they see each other again and lock eyes. the rest of the season was those two stealing glances, Juliet being jealous, and Sawyer looking straight at Kate when Bernard talked about spending your life with someone EVEN though he had a freaking engagement ring for Juliet! The on! ly other sweet moment the two shared was when she was dying. Yeah he had a ring...but the fact is, he didn't pop the question. What was holding him back? Was it Kate coming back that made him hesitate?

He said it himself - he didn't want to be alone. Both Sawyer and Juliet were jilted by the people they initially had true feelings for. They were the only two attractive single people left on an island with limited pickings for three whole years. In the real world, Juliet wanted Jack and wouldn't think twice about Sawyer. On one hand, that does add an element of sweetness to their relationship, but we don't even know if Sawyer told her about his whole con man past. We know Kate knew who he really was.

I think the writers didn't realize how strongly people would react - I just don't think anyone realized this would work so well between the actors. So they may try to appease the Suliet fans now in alt land. And look, I am annoyed to see Kate chasing sawyer, but they still have chemistry than she ever had with Jack (who just acts like a complete idiot with Kate in the picture)- seriously, compare the scene on the dock to the big emotional scene between Kate and Jack when they have their last fight on the main land before breaking up. Ultimately, despite what happened with Juliet, I think there is nothing wrong with Sawyer being drawn back to the woman he loved first and with more raw intensity.

Never mind the fact that the Sawyer relationship just degraded Juliet's character to another "I want to settle down and have babies" stereotype, who turned into a silly jealous woman willing to detonate a nuke because she was so upset about Kate being in the picture. That was not the awesome Juliet of seasons past. Such a shame what they did to her.

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