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Why babies can’t be conceived and born on the LOST island OR "MIB's End-Game" by dharmasharkbait

OK, here we go...At some point on the LOST island (post-Incident?), babies cannot be both conceived and born on the island. Why? Consider that the Candidates are identified by surname, and therefore it is possible that the Candidate surnames do not identify a single person, but instead identify a lineage. Consider that almost all of the Candidate names/numbers are crossed out, except for a remaining 5 or 6.

Consider that the MIB wants the game to end so he can “go home”. What does the MIB require for the game to be over so he can “go home”? Perhaps it is that there are no longer any more Candidates for consideration. Therefore, through the MIB’s machinations, perhaps he had some influence in causing the “Incident” or whatever it is that causes the infertility problem on the island (influence on Radzinsky, whatever…).

Also consider that obviously the generations of Candidate surnames are drawn to the island. Given that the MIB has some influence on the island, and we have not seen MIB have influence off the island, MIB would be invested in making sure that those Candidates on the island would not be able to reproduce and thus continue the possibility of progeny Candidates continuing the game. Every lineage the MIB is able to end crosses another possibility off the Candidates list and is a step towards ending the game.

Of course, the problem is with progeny conceived or born off-island, i.e. Aaron and Ji-Yeon. But still, these two represent only 2 lineages, and therefore fewer than the 6 initial Candidates the LOST island had at the beginning of the series.

Thoughts, anyone?


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