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the whole story is revealed by maya

i think the whole story or the concept of lost is revealed by now . but we dont know how it began or is it real or someones imagination ??? but the concept of lost is obvious now . and its like most of us know by now . its the old story ,the old war between good and evil,between free will and fate ,and no one until our days knows the answer ,and that's what LOST is trying to do ,or trying to embody this idea in the whole show .

the war between good -as far we know good is Jacob- and evil -the fake john lock- there is something very important fake lock said it at the end of last episode ,that he is trapped .i think the show represents an old story that some religions has ,it is when evil dared God that he can corrupt people and bring out the evil in them .and distract people from worshiping God and follow his orders or in simple words :distract people from being good.so,God ordered evil to come down to earth until the end of the world and see if he can do that and that when evil become evil cause he was an angel who used to follow god's orders .

this is pretty much what we can see through the war between Jacob the king of the island and his follower fake lock who decided to rebel against Jacob .and that's why we hear about rules cause i think that fake lock is trapped in this island until he can prove his evilness and trying to convince the others and o 815 to rebel against Jacob and kill him.and this explains the loophole.fake lock told sawyer i want to go out of this island ,cause he cant leave until he wins.

i think this is the general idea behind lost ,but what we don't know now is the details ,what is the island ,who is Jacob ,why he chose the 0 815 and who are they and why they come to island ????.
what we know now that the island has a great powers and Jacob knows how to use them and he wants to protect the island .the o 815 are the means of that war they are the tools .
i also think that the ship we saw last season when Jacob was talking with evil is the same thing like plane ,Jacob brought it so he can prove or apply what the island can do,i think the people who were on that ship went the same circumstances that the plane survivors did .until they become to believe in Jacob or the island .
and that's what Jacob is trying to do now to make them believe in him ,by their own free will ,they have to choose and that's why he don't give answers and that's why he don't meet with them ,cause he wants them to believe by their own .

i don't know if i could express my ideas ,but this is what most of us can understand so far about the show

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