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Which Kwon is the candidate? by swigo8

This isn't going to be one of those overly elaborate theories about certain clues picked up in certain scenes, but more just my own opinion backed up with a little bit of fact.

When Flocke took Sawyer down to "The Rock" (the one with all the names of possible candidates on it) there were six names corresponding to the "magical numbers":

4 - Locke (eventually crossed out)
8 - Reyes
15 - Ford
16 - Jarrah
23 - Shephard
42 - Kwon

Everyone of these names were very self explanitory on who the candidates would be, but as Flocke (MIB) said he doesn't know which Kwon it is, Jin or Sun.

I believe that it is neither Jin nor Sun but actually Ji-Yeon, their daughter. I believe this because first, it is such a Lost writer's "thing to do". Second, about 4 months ago during the hiatus, a "spoiler" was posted (nothing revealing... don't ban me DarkUFO) about a scene with a young (teenage?) blonde boy and young (teenage?) asian girl on the island. I believe this was Aaron and Ji-Yeon.

Now, without creating immense controversy about Aaron, because that is clearly an area of extreme mystery and personal opinion, I will focus on Ji-Yeon. I believe these two people were Aaron and Ji-Yeon and somehow they are both going to come to the island, whether it be through time-travel, the show skipping ahead a few years, or some other "magical" way, I think they will end up on the island.

I don't think that the writer's will expose the names of all the candidates that easily, they left some mystery around the Kwon candidate, but none around the others... What if Ford was actually Clementine Ford, or Shephard was Aaron (that's a stretch but because Claire and Jack are related...) etc...

This is just my opinion, comment below and tell me what you think.


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