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This is a more thought out version of something I posted earlier... I am sorry if someone has already posted this theory:

“Let me put it so you'll understand. Picture a box. You know something about boxes, don't you John? What if I told you that, somewhere on this island, there is a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it when you opened that box, there it would be? What would you say about that, John?”
-Benjamin Linus

“The entire island is a magic box”
-Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof

In last nights episode, “The Lighthouse” Jack asked Hurley, “Why have we never seen that before” when speaking of the Lighthouse. Hurley said, “Maybe because we have never looked for it before.” Is it possible that the Lighthouse was there BECAUSE they we looking for it? The very fact that they were looking for a lighthouse created the reality of one on the island. The will of the LOSTies has always played an important role but I am beginning to see how important

My theory is that what is in “The Magic Box” is brought by the WILL of the candidates. In other words, whatever they will to happen becomes a reality. They create what appears on the island. Are these flashes of why they are candidates? Do they possess some Jacob-like qualities themselves that make them candidates?

Some Examples of this happening in LOST:

Jack bringing Charlie back to life: Charlie was dead in season 1 because Ethan killed him. Then Jack determined that he WOULD NOT DIE. So he came back to life (kind of like Jacob raising Locke from the dead when his dad pushed him out the window).

Jack’s dad’s coffin: In ALT he was never supposed to be on the plane. What if he in fact was never on the plane in the first place but Jack WILLED the coffin to the island because he needed to deal with his daddy issues?

Locke’s Knives: The same case can be made here. In the ALT the knives were never on the plane. But maybe Locke WILLED them to be on the island?

Jack and the guards: In “What Kate Does,” he told them to move and they HAD TO

Ben’s Surgery: He told Jack “I don’t want you to heal me. I want you to WANT to heal me.” Because having Jack’s will would make Ben whole.

Hurley and the cabin: It appeared before his eyes and he closed his eyes and said the cabin is not here. And it HAD TO move.

The point here is that there are far too many coincidences on the Island for them to be coincidences. I believe that it is the candidates themselves that are causing these things to happen. Could this be that the candidates are displaying early traits of “Jacobness?” Is their will determining what fate is? I know there are many holes in this theory and I am just trying to put all of these ideas as best as I can to start a discussion! I would love to hear your ideas. Can any of you think of more times when the LOSTies WILLED something to happen and it did?

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