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The writers love to show us the others’ footsteps. Maybe the footsteps have something to do with the four-toed statue, and/or Jack's use of Christian Shepherd’s shoes for Bentham's casket. Everything is related.

Dogen has a bowl of black stones on his desk. The stones remind me of the black stone found with Adam and Eve, Season One. .....and all the other black/white imagery used on the show.

Josh Holloway wants that Emmy next year! Look at Sawyer in Season One. The fact that the audience can accept the authenticity of Sawyer’s emotional arc, his character's complete transformation is reason enough for him to win. His performance is impressive. .....but then, I’m not surprised.
Kate and Sawyer aren’t awkward when they are together this season like they were last season after they were reunited in the year 1977. I have a feeling the writers are going to try to resell their relationship. Truthfully, all it would take is Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles” and I would be back on board.

Arzt shouted line, "I'm walking here," is the same line spoken by Sawyer when Christian exits the car during Ana Lucia's flashback, "Two for the Road". Parallels between this season and Season One seem to be piling up.

Kate recognized Jack when she was in the cab with Claire after the plane landed at LAX! This is what I think. (Remember when I said I would just enjoy the show and no more theorizing...oops) I think the two realities will become one. I think The following scene is present in both timelines. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK, KATE, WE HAVE TO GO BACK!” Jack originally said this to Kate 3 years after they left the Island. Jack and Kate seem to be having déjà vu, foreshadowed in the episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes” by Desmond as he jumps back and forth in time. Since Jack and Kate remember each other in the new LAX timeline, fate will bring them (back) together in the sideways flashes. Then they will meet at LAX and Jack will say, “We have to go back”. I know that the Island is underwater and that will make it especially challenging to get back to the Island. Either Jack doesn’t know the Island is underwater and Jack will cross that bridge when he gets to it! , or Jack doesn’t care and he wants to go back anyway. Whadda ya think?

Jack is taking leadership again by asking Dogan a bunch of questions to help Sayid. Jack, you’re just a doctor! Let Hurley lead for a while. PLEASE!

This is the third time Sayid has been tortured on the Island. Maybe this is the only way for him to be redeemed - to be tortured over and over again. Eye for an eye. (The first image of an eye opening at the beginning of many episodes in Season One.) Dogan electrocuted Sayid. This is the same torture method Rousseau used on Sayid in Season One. Rousseau said her people were infected. Dogan thinks Sayid has been infected. Seems like if you suspect someone is infected, diagnosis is accomplished by electrocution. I do not think the parallel between the two situations is arbitrary, but purposeful. Rousseau wanted to see if Sayid was infected and so did Dogan. Does Dogan think that Sayid is infected by MIB? I think that whatever infected Rousseau’s camp also infected Sayid.

Dogan said, “When it reaches Sayid’s heart”. Kate’s alias in the sideways flash was Joan Hart. "Joan Hart" is a reference to Melissa Joan Hart, who starred in the television show "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Her co-star, Beth Broderick ("Aunt Zelda"), plays Kate's mother, Diane Janssen.

Aldo, the Other who accompanied Kate and Jin in the jungle when they went to look for Sawyer, was seen in Season Three, episode “Not in Portland” reading, and writing notes in the book, A Brief History of Time , as he guards the building that held Karl. That book was written by Steven Hawking in 1988, the same year Rousseau’s science team got shipwrecked on the Island. The book's author shares the same surname with Ms. Eloise Hawking, Dan's mother.

Have you seen " Frequency"? Sawyer's recovery of the ring under the floor boards of the 1977 home he shared with Juliet was something reminiscent of "Frequency". Elisabeth Mitchell, who starred in "Frequency" as Jules, also plays Juliet in "Lost". And "Frequency" is one of my favorite movies. Rent it, no,... buy it! Wait, I just went on IMDB.com and get this. There was a character named Jack Shephard in "Frequency", and get this,..... the actor who played Jack Shephard in "Frequency", Shawn Doyle, also had a part on LOST, in Eggtown! He played Kate’s attorney, Duncan Forrester!!!

The nurse who helped Claire in the hospital after 815 landed also played, Veronica, Aaron's nanny, in "Eggtown".
Ethan Goodspeed, pediatrician to Claire. Great.

Claire is back! Kate got what she wanted. And bee tee dubs, do you think Claire's psychic from Season One saw the sideways flash from this past episode as Claire's future, instead of what we originally assumed in Season One, that he saw Oceanic crash on the Island as Claire's future?

PS- No offense to Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, you can definitely tell this episode wasn’t written by Darlton.
Also I just figured out who Jeff jensen looks like. Napoleon Dynamite!
You know what we need, sideways world flash-backs.

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