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First, im french canadian so... sorry for my english.

Imagine that every flashback or flashfoward and island events for the past 5 seasons was the consequences of something happen in real life not on the island.

Season 6 will explain what happen to the Losties to make them meet eachother after the landing in LA..
Destiny will send them on a Darhma station (or something else) and they will change the past. They will go back in time do the life we know and crash on the island..

So.. they land in LA normaly.. destiny will make them meet eachother.. somthing will happen something catastrophic.. and BANG they reset their lifes and do it again, different, and they crash on the island.

2 reality are create.. one where they cause the crash(normal one)
and one where they crash and save the world because the catastrophic events dont happen (island one)

Its worked.. like Juliet said..they save the world

But the island are the ''course correcting''. The island want to be underwater.. like smokey want be home (underwater ??) so the island do weird thing during 5 seasons to put everything back to normal and cause the catastrophic event in ''normal one'' timeline.

But the Losties will fight back to stay on the island and save the world (again?)

But destiny is a bitch (like Ben said) and destiny will send everything she can on the island to make it change.. the season 6 will be the fight between the Losties.. and... 'Destiny' (smoke monster who want to be underwater :P)

I know my english is not good its hard for me to explain everything... but I hope someone will understand my touhgt... dont be bad please :( :D:D


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