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What Flocke has in store for Sawyer by Matt-E

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

Right, so can all be pretty sure that Flocke cannot kill candidates, thus he must enlist people to help him. Why does Flocke want the candidates dead anyway? I'm assuming that once they are all dead this will somehow free Flocke to leave the island. Sawyer is Flocke's No. 1 player in achieving his objective.

I know what you're thinking; Sawyer woouldn't murder his friends! But think back to what Flocke said in the Season 5 finale; They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. Why do they do all of this? Because MIB/Flocke gets inside their heads and makes them do it. Think back to Rousseau and her team, they decimated each other. Even the man who was the father of Rousseau's baby and she was in love with tried to murder her (only being thwarted by a lack of bullets). Why did he want to murder the woman he loved as well as his own baby? Simply because MIB/Flocke had gotten into the head of the guy and had manipulated him. So if you think Flocke can't manipulate Sawyer into murdering Hurley, Jack et al think again.

Again, I know what you're thinking, Sawyer would still be alive even if he did kill the other candidates and thus, Flocke could not leave the island because there was still one more candidate alive. Well, I'm assuming Flocke will bring his manipulation of Sawyer full circle by making Sawyer realise the horrible mistake he had made. In his pure anguish Sawyer will then turn the gun on himself and commit suicide, thus eliminating all the candidates and thus allowing Flocke to leave the island.

AGAIN, I know what you're thinking; what a depressing end to Lost! I'm guessing that this will be where the ALT timeline comes into play, it will somehow undo everything and make Jacob finally come out on top in his never ending battle with Flocke/MIB. I know, this is a weak way to end my theory but c'mon it's Lost, I can't know everything. ;)

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