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What do we *really* know? by Brett

First off, I want to give utmost apologies if this has been said already.

Now onto my theory

What do we *really* know in LOST? We know they all crashed on an island, all kinds of stuff happened, some of them got off, some of them stayed on, those who got off came back, yada yada yada it's war between two sides and we don't know which side is which. This is what we actually know.

You know what we *don't* know? That Juliet set the bomb off.

Sure she was hitting it, sure we saw a bright light. Sure they flashed 30 years into the future. You know when else we saw that very same bright light? When Ajira 316 people flashed 30 years to the past. No nuclear bomb went off then either.

If the bomb didn't go off, then the alternate timeline can't possibly be the result of the bomb going off. Besides, isn't this obvious? Are we *really* supposed to believe that a nuclear bomb has a power to sink an entire island while leaving everything in it's surface, swingset included, completely in one piece? I don't buy it.

Juliet didn't set the bomb off

We have yet to see why the island sank

We have yet to see what did change the course of time

We have yet to see what Juliet meant by "It worked."

My personal guess, everything in the alternate timeline is because of what will happen in the series finale.

That's what I think.

Please comment, and you wouldn't be human if you didn't make fun of me, especially for my use of *asterisks*

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