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Things that make me go huh? by bobby

Just want to list some things that have left me confused over the years. There seems to be alot of knowledge amongst you guys so here goes.

1. Was the cabin ever Jacob's? Did Alpert ever mention it as where Jacob lived? I dont recall him doing so. But when Flocke asked to see Jacob, Alpert took him strait to the statue. He had been working on his tapestry for years and was doing so until the night he died. He has lived in the statue for a very long time. No logical reason he would have ever stayed in the cabin.

2. Could there be two smoke monsters? I think that we all know by now MIB is our beloved Smokey. But what about the White "beautiful" thing that Locke saw in season 1? Also, in the latest episode when Sawyer was boozing it up and listening to Foghat or whoever, a smoke monsters reflection was seen in the window of his dharma house. Just seconds later, MIB was smoking it up way off in the jungle where he had Alpert tied up. Either there are two or that is one fast cloud of smoke.

3. It seems that the Others come and go to the Temple freely. Ben sent a group that included some of the 815 survivors. Ben and all of the Others had detailed info on all of the crash victims. However, when Jack and company go to the Temple to heal Sayid, Dogan and John Lennon have no clue who they are and seemed shocked when they read the names of the castaways standing before them. If he is the leader of the Temple how could he be the last to know that these obviously important people were on the island?

4. How does Aaron, Vincent, and Walt fit into the picture? They have been built up to have an overall importance to the answers we crave but I cant see how they could possibly fit in with what is going on at the moment.

5. Is it possible that Eloise turned the wheel at the same time Juliet was cursing out the bomb and beating it with a rock? I have never seen where they explain how Eloise left the island. We never see her again after she was knocked out by Alpert to permit her from going any further to assist Jack and Sayid. Is it possible that she was taken to the well or wherever to turn the wheel to get herself to safety to ensure Daniel is born. That would explain why Jin said it was more like another time flash when they all ended back up in the present. Maybe the bomb didnt go off after all.

6. Is Jacob such a nice guy after all? If so, why would he have ordered the gasing of all of the Dharma folk? Why would he stop Sayid from crossing the street knowing it would result in Nadia's death. Make a plane crash on his island so he could get some more game pieces with no compassion to all those who died in the process. If he was so sorry that Locke fell out the window, why didnt he tell him before he was shoved out of it.

7. How did Alpert get off the island before they took over the Dharma camp? I know that he used the sub to bring Juliet to the island. But when he went to visit Locke twice during his childhood there should not have been a sub on the island because I dont think that Dharma was around at that time.

I could go on all night with more questions but I have wasted enough of your time already. To those of you who read all the way through my ramblings I am truly sorry. To those who were smart enough to stop reading this, well nevermind you're not reading this anymore.

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