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A theory about Sayid (and Jacob's plans) by Jon

After watching LA X, I am increasingly of the opinion that Jacob has pre-empted the MIB's plans. In the Season 5 finale when he went back through time to visit the 06, I'm thinking that he placed a little part of his 'soul' into each of them, in the same way that Voldermort did with horcruxes in the Harry Potter novels. And so, while they are all still alive, so is Jacob's consciousness.

However, if one of them were to die, Jacob (I assume) will die completely.

Now here's why Jacob is NOT Sayid = if Jacob was going to actually 'possess' Sayid's body as people are saying he has, then he would surely need Sayid dead to do so. However, we know from watching LA X that Jacob needed Sayid kept alive. This would support my theory, as opposed to the idea that Sayid is now possessed by Jacob.

How and when Jacob will be 'reborn' (or re-manifest) is an interesting question. I suspect the answer will probably come far later in the season.

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