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Here are a few things from the premiere that i am calling out now so that in 3 weeks time i can go "Yep saw that coming"

Ok, here we go.

1. The Jughead explosion - Right now we are probably all thinking that there are 2 different universes going on here... what would have happened if the plane never crashed and the aftermath of the bomb never detonating. What if there is no multi-universe, and that in some way, although the plane never exploded in 2004, they would all wind up back on the island in 2007, just have no memory of what happened for the past 3 years. Whatever happened, happened right? Jack did look a little confused sitting on that plane and Juliets final words were 'It Worked'.

2. Richard was on the blackrock ship, only makes sense. Fake Locke line "You look different not being in chains"... Boom! Theres the give-away.

3. Sayid rising from the dead. Has Jacob found a body to live in like the man in black found in Locke. I mean Sayid was dead, they did confirm that, not even Jack could save him. But then Low and behold, Ol Sayid Getting Up.

4. The Numbers... The list that they pulled out of the giant key. The numbers represent each of the people that need to redeem themselves, that need to save the island. There were 73 people that survived oceanic flight 815. Could the 4th person on the list be Jack, the 8th be Kate, 15 Jin, 16 Sun, 23 Sawyer 42 Claire. These could be the only people that are supposed to matter, there saviors to the island.

Theory of mine i'll let you stew over

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