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The start of it all by Richardh

We start with the forming of the universe. Planets and stars are formed. At some point the Earth is formed.
On the Earth there are spots of energy that are strong. On and island there is a particulerly large pocket of energy.
Over millions of years the energy on the island slowly starts to become aware.

After a time, man starts to arise. And through portals on the planet they are taken to this island. On accident.
Around this time the Island starts to notice that man is violent and corrupt.

In fear for it's safety it knows it needs to find a way to protect itself. It needs to appoint a guardian to watch over it.
By using it's power it brings someone who it believes is good enough to do the job.

Knowing mankind, the Island decides that there must be more than one guardian. The temptation to abuse the power would be to much. There must be someone to keep the other in check.

In the beginning these two protectors were close friends, or even family.

After some time one of the protectors was starting to get tired of his job. He was tired of the long life he had.

The Island allowed them to travel the world to find there replacements. But there replacements had to fit into a specific category.

After more time passes the second guardian is getting even more desperate. He goes out into the world and tries to force someone into becoming his replacement. Leading to this person's death.

As punishment, the Island turns his form into a smoke like entity. Thus tying him to the Island.

As more time passes and civilizations rise and fall this smoke entity starts to try and figure a way to force the Island to choose new guardians. Maybe the guardians have to be conneted some how. One goes, so then does the other.

After some time he realizes that the first guardian must die. This is when he starts his plot for the loopehole, knowing that the island will not allow him to kill the First.


Who the two will be I don't know.
But I know they will be connected somehow.
Even the sideflashes show you that there are always connections between our Losties.

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