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The song, "Catch A Falling Star" has been present in four different episodes. This is an important clue. The island has deep below its surface an energy source that warps time and space.

This conclusion is confirmed by the fact that Benjamin Linus and John Locke turned the ancient wheel and both were transfered in time and space to the same location in Tunisa. This is strong evidence of a world wide dark energy grid created by the power source in the island with a worm hole exit in Africa. One hypothesis which can be drawn is that the island is wrapped in a bubble of dark energy while moving through time and space. The island is constantly moving in relation to the rest of the world. This creates what Desmond referred to as a "bloody snow globe" effect. Remember that when Desmond tried to sail away from the island, he always came back to it? He was trapped inside this dimensional bubble of dark energy. One has to have the correct bearing, as calculated at any given time, to transverse between the dimension of the island and that of our world. This all had been figured out by the Dharma Iniative and this is how they located the island and figured a way! to get their submarine back and forth to it. They had also figured out a way to tap into the time travel source of the island as evidenced by the chamber above the ancient wheel which Ben loaded up with metal objects and blew a hole in so he could get down to the wheel to turn it.

Now, what is the source of this energy? I believe it is a meteor buried deep into the island with a core of dark energy. According to modern day theoretical physics, dark energy could warp time and space, make time travel possible along with a lot of crazy and unpredictable things. Remember when Ben turned the wheel to move the island that moving the island was 'very dangerous" and an act of "last resort". I don't think Ben was supposed to take that risk, but he was having a pity party and to quote Ben when it comes to potential harm to others, "So what!"

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