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Can someone please tell me why in LA X, we see Bram and Co. shoot FLocke and the bullets seemingly bounce off of him? (This revealed by the fact that Bram picks up a smashed bullet).

BUT, the guys from the French Team in Season 5 that were "possessed" or copied by the Smoke Monster could all be killed by Daniele??

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the producers (according to interviews) are saying that the island was sunk by Jughead.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Since when does a hydrogen bomb sink an island? And even if it did, then why is the swing-set still intact?

I therefore theories 2 possibilities:

1. They are lying to us and telling us that the bomb sank the island (which I don't recall them ever concretely saying, but according to everyone else they have). And they are lying to us so that they can pull a fast one at the end of the season.


2. Now they are in serious trouble with continuity errors, and they are struggling so hard to get to the finish line that they are ignoring blaring errors in logic. I, for one, find it really ridiculous that a bomb goes off, and yet a swing-set still stands.

If the island sank, then how would Jacob go to John Locke and heal him after his fall from the building? Unless, of course, he never got pushed out of the window and is paralyzed by some other means?

They said that they are not interested in paradoxical story telling this year...but get this...

If the bomb really did go off, and that is why the island is sunk, then Daniel Faraday was never born.

That IS paradox in itself.

Well, I'm confused...and now, more scared than ever.

There are certainly moments in the show when you have to say, "well, I can get over that for the sake of the story", but come on...this is LOST, they know how closely people look at every detail! How can they make continuity errors like this just to end everything?

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