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Some thoughts by caveman

Ok, the awesome episode "The Substitute" kept me guessing what is meant by "candidates". Protector of the island...hmmm....is it that simple?

There are hundreds of names crossed out. And the only left are our Losties, touched by Jacob. Now John Locke has been crossed out too, because he´s dead. What keeps me wondering are the numbers. No, not the Valenzetti equation, but the numbers themselves. If someone from the past has a number over 100, the numbers could be some sort of countdown. I wonder if there is a 1,2 or 3. I don´t think, that the Valenzetti equation will be a mayor theme in season 6, because John Locke died and so the chain of numbers represented by our Losties/candidates is broken.

And don´t tell me the real John Locke will be resurrected via the temple or brought back via the ATL! This could be coincidence...a running gag if you will.

Another thing is Charles Widmore. What if Charles Widmore is somehow connected with the MIB? Cause Charles seems to be trapped in our world, the same way MIB is trapped on the island. Maybe Charles Widmore has been promised eternal life by Jacob or MIB, because although he gets older and older, he claims that the island is his and will always be...hmmm....very mysterious.

Next topic is the smoke monster: As we have seen, smokie has different colours throughout the show. I think this isn´t coincidence at all. I think the darker smokie gets, the angrier he is. Eko´s death showed us the monster in his blackest state. He is not a judge. Maybe he is the devil himself...(pleased to meet you, hop you´ll guess my name...oh what´s puzzling you is the nature of my game..). Eko is the one with the purest Faith in him. Although he killed in his bad days, he proofed himself righteous and faithfull. Together with Charlie he wanted to build a church on the island. Bad idea, if the devil is nearby. With Ben´s "judging" he appeared grey. This means he has some light and some darkness in him, because Ben is an ambiguous person. Maybe he appeared as pure light to John Locke in season 1. Whatever that means...

That´s enogh babbling for now...I know it is not much, but hopefully something to chew on or to spit out.


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