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Smokey is not MIB by Dawn

Why I say Smokey is not MIB. I know I know but jacob said to Flocke you finally found a loophole. We know that from the beginning of Lost the smoke monster has roamed the Island. We know it lives under the Temple fence right by the Temple. We know Ben could summon it like he did in the episode with Keamy.

If they could summon it and use it as a wepaon why did they continue to use the sonic fence? Why was Juliet afraid of it? When Ben goes to summon it he opens a secret door to an Egyptian door. We have all assumed that Dharma built the barracks right. So when they built the houses they had to build them around these already exisiting structures. This episode was call The Shape of Things to Come. The first time we really see the Shape being summoned.

If the MIB is smokey how have can the Others (jacobs team) call it, why would been feel like he had to be judged by it? So we are to assume that Ben was judged by the MIB?

So we are also saying that the MIB we saw talking with Jacob shapeshifts into Smokey and then can shapeshift into someone that is dead? So he knew that Locke was dead came to Airja crash and right away assumed the persona of Locke. Does he somehow sense there is a new dead body beacuse it isnt buried. If thats the case he could have taken the shape of any of the Dharma people that were killed, they werent buried just put in the pit.

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