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Role Players by DrHank

I'm working out a new theory. It may need some work, so feel free to expand it or suggest how it may be tweaked to improve it.

What if the "game" being played out on the island is something like Dungeons and Dragons in that there are certain roles to be filled. The roles are being played by spirits/demi-gods, who inhabit different bodies through time. The island is obviously the game board. The players get to "claim" "candidates" who may or may not ultimately be choosen to replace the body they currently inhabit. The game involves trying to manipulate, motivate and move candidates into doing certain things...but ultimately depends on the free-will of the candidate to make the choice the player is trying to get them to make.

Some of the roles we have seen so far include: the dark player, the light player, a child player (or perhaps referee), and the mother-who-lost-her-baby wild card.

We obviously don't have the rules of the game yet but that will be revealed. As far as The Dharma Initiative, The DeGroots, and Alvar Hanso...I think they may have inadvertently stumbled onto the island and became aware of it's unique electromagnetic properties and were just trying to develop/exploit that.

Anyway, be gentle but let me know what you think. Namaste

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