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The result of the endgame by Don

First time posting. Thank you all for creating a safe haven for me to obsess in, and special thanks to you dark ufo.

Now to my theory. I believe that the detonation of Jughead in the incident was in fact what "always" happened - our losties created the incident just as Miles suspected. I do believe though that Faraday was right about the characters being variables and thus being able to change things. If they had stopped and contemplated the chicken or the egg conundrum, they probably would have changed things by NOT detonating Jughead. I do not believe that any new/other reality is created at this stage. I do not believe that the detonation destroyed the island, but it probably had a similar effect to what happened when faraday turned the failsafe key. Our losties will be fine, with the exception of Juliet and maybe Sayid. From a technichally narrative perspective, to move the story forward, it would be wise if the incident moved our 1977 losties 30 years ahead. That's what I suggest will happen.

Early in season six I suspect we will be seing a reality in which Oceanic 815 does not crash, and perhaps the island is destroyed. Many will suggest that this is a direct result of the incident. I however believe that this other reality will be the result of the endgame on the island as revealed in the last stage of season six. So we will be seeing the result of the endgame the whole time without knowing it, there will probably be clues that link the beginning of this new reality to the end of the other.

A few random thoughts. If Oceanic 815 does not crash on the island there will be no time-shifting, so Faraday will not be able to tell the others back in 1954 to bury Jughead. So maybe that is what destroys the island in the new reality - a leaking H-bomb.

That's all from me. Happy last season of lost everybody!

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