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Reincarnation by KaitC

I came across this idea/theory after watching Sayid go into the temple. When the men held him in the pool, they waited until the hour glass completely ran out. This gave the people enough time to fully drown Sayid and kill him. The leader of the ninja others bent down and pronounced him dead. The group seemed fine with the death because they knew it had worked. If not they would have been completely worried since they said Sayid could not die or they would all be in trouble.

We were all shocked when Sayid awoke. My theory is that he had been reincarnated. He had no memory of what had happen along with Ben who experienced the same effect. Richard took Ben to the same place and told Kate and Sawyer he will never be the same. I think the pool has the power to reincarnate the dying and that Ben and Sayid both have been reincarnated.

I don't know if anyone else thought that but I just thought I'd throw it out there!

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