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I've posted this idea a few times before, but I want to reiterate and make things clearer after seeing some newer episodes. I still simply can't buy into the whole Egyptian God or alien theories, because they're just too simple for Lost. Everything ties into itself, and I can't see how Jacob being Anubis makes time-travel plausible. So, here is my attempt at tying things up and making sense of the show.

Warning: Even as I say that I'm not sure I can put this in realistic terms. Come on people, we're talking about Lost here.

Basically, my idea is this: the smoke monster/MiB/Fake Locke is the embodiment of the past. That is IT. He isn't a God, he isn't an alien, he isn't some person who got stranded and gained magical powers. He is simply an offspring of the islands power, whatever that may be. I've seen tons of theories about black holes and exotic material, and I can certainly see how those tie in. The island can bend time and space itself, perhaps it is the very SOURCE of time itself. Wouldn't it make sense, then, that the past and the future live on the island as sentient beings?

So, if Smokey is the past, that would make Jacob the future. Now, you're all probably wondering how there can be a future if Jacob is dead. Well, that's why we have the candidates. The future is always changing, always subject to our choices. Someone on the island must choose to become the new Jacob, or the new future.

Wasn't Dharma saying they wanted to stop the end of the world from occuring? This wasn't due to any atomic warfare, or alien holocaust. They were talking about the actual future being killed, by one man's hand on a knife. Jacob kept the future alive, and now that he is dead, Smokey is looking to get off the island and win for good. Unless someone can step up and make the future a certain thing again, time itself will end, and no more choices of free will can be made.

To back up these theories, consider this- how many times have we known Smokey to imitate something from someone's past? The horse in Kate's episode, the boar that attacks Sawyer's tent, the images of Christian and Yemi and all the other people from the Losties' past. These are all subconscious fears and anxieties they have, all ties to the past they cannot let go of. Smokey can control these past fears, and use them to influence the Losties. Only when they overcome their past, like Eko did, do they become unusable, and thus disposed of.

This ties in with the whole theme of free will vs. fate as well. Our free will and choices shape the future. Our past is what condemns us to our fates. In fact, it might be said that we can CHOOSE to be fated, if we believe our past mistakes can never be redeemed. We can willingly walk into the arms of fate, of Smokey himself. It has already happened to a few Losties and look where it got them. Jacob seems to be much more mysterious and his goals clouded, but that is because, in truth, I'm not certain he has any goals. He leaves everything open to interpretation because that's exactly what he WANTS- for the Losties to make their own decision and interpretations as to what they should do. Jack never gets his answers, but he creates them himself. He answers his own questions without needing Jacob's help- at least, not directly.

As for what the Island itself is, I have no clue. Apart from being a place that bends time and space, and brings into existence things that shouldn't be, there could be any number of explanations. But I think, if anything that has occured in this show is to be explained reasonably, then Jacob and Smokey must relate to time travel and alternate worlds. How else could this be done, except that they are the very embodiment of time itself? Perhaps the island is the Present, the entire world's constant amidst the endless amounts of variables. Maybe it is Eden, in the sense that it is the heart of our entire earth. Either way, none of this is certain- it's merely my attempt to bring some things into light. I'm sick of reading about biblical and mythological theories, Lost is beyond all that. This is a way to tie in the scientific with the mystical, which is what this show's been doing all along. Suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to imagine how time itself works, where it c! omes from, why we are alive. The past and the future are at war, and we are caught in the middle of it. The only reason for us to live is that we choose to keep living, that we find our own reason to keep going. That is what Jacob wants, and it is the only way to keep Smokey from winning this game.

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