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The Real End Game by B.A. Youngerman

The theory that the universe is nothing more than a game has been around a long time. Many ancient Greeks and Romans believed the world was controlled by a panoply of gods and goddesses, who delighted in using and abusing mankind, playing with our emotions, using us as pawns.

Some fans like this theory to explain LOST. In their minds, Jacob and MIB resemble the petty gods of Rome and Greece. They call Jacob and MIB despicable, manipulative jerks. Not good or evil. Just jerks.

Some fans imagine there's only one God, a child (the blond kid with the bloody arms), playing a version of Risk. Two armies, one led by MIB, one by Jacob. There are rules. Perhaps his parents will call him home for dinner soon.

There's also a game theory explanation that lets mankind in on the "joke." According to this theory, we know on a subconscious/unconscious level that life shouldn't be taken too seriously, that we are merely experiencing a storyline we've created for ourselves. We can start another game/write another chapter (explode Judhead) and see what will happens the next time around. What a lark. If only we were smart enough to see this!

I understand why some people would think the writers are telling us life is a game of one sort or another. Heck, we've been shown lots of game images. But I think the viewers have been purposely misled.

The only thing LOST/Life have in common with backgammon or any board game is that there is a loop, a track to traverse. There is a journey from Start(Alpha)to Finish Omega).

The worldview being played out in LOST is the karmic view. We are responsible for our own actions. And we carry the consequences of our deeds/misdeeds in our very souls. Like Jack wears his appendectomy scar from timeline to timeline.

Don't you think the island is the perfect karmic environment? It is a time machine of sorts that allows people to "reincarnate" in alternate dimensions. Or in the past. Or the future maybe. It’s a great short-cut. You don’t have to die to get a new life. You just have to tap into electromagnetic energy.

We and the characters on LOST go through life after life until we get it right. The pain and suffering don't end until then, no matter how many mirrors we smash when we don't like what we see.

It ain't over until we don't "belong" here (on the island) anymore. No leaving--the island isn't done with us--until we are redeemed.

Once redeemed, we will no longer be slaves to space and time. We can leave the circle of life. We can travel from our alpha to our omega point, which is an exit. Outta here.

Redemption is our loophole. (And I think it's MIB's only real loophole, too.)

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