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The title of this week's episode bothered me after my initial watching of it. I like titles that require a certain amount of interpretation.

What did Kate do? Kate stopped in the mechanic’s bathroom to reflect on what she did to poor pregnant Claire only after peeking in the stolen bag to see the toys, wipes, baby clothes. At that moment, Kate reveals a real emotional desire to fix what she’s just done. She is way past ashamed and wayyyyyy out of character for ‘2004 Kate.’ '2004 Kate' runs from her problems. She blows up houses, gets her childhood friends shot because she is selfish, and worst of all afraid. Instead, she decides to fix her problem rather than run from it.

Why would she do this? Because this is a ‘new and improved’ Kate that has assimilated all of the experiences of the Lost PRIME Kate (AKA the Kate that we have grown to know and love from the past 5 seasons of Lost) right up to the end of the series, which we haven’t even seen yet. Somewhere deep in her soul she has loved, fought, and stood her ground for what she believes in on the island, and she knows and loves Claire and Aaron. She risked her life to help them. On the Island, she learned to face her problems head-on.

According to the law of evolution, when faced with a massive environmental change, to survive we must leave, adapt, or die. Those are the only choices. In this case, the universe has been over-written with a new time-line, and somehow Kate senses this. How massive of a change is that? In order to survive, Kate chose to change. That is “What Kate does. She evolves.

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