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Neither flocke or jacob are good or evil by Nuno

What does black and white really mean? Nothing,their colors. But as a society we are told that white is good and black is bad.
I dont think that neither flocke or jacob are good or evil,many examples of this since season one everything from sayid being a torturer, to ben looking evil to really being a good person.Same with michael who killed 2 people in order to get his son back. People do things because they are willing to do what it takes to help others or themselves. The end justifies the means!..Everyone on lost who is on the "good side" has done something evil,bad,unforgivable,you name it.They are either forced to do these things or something happens in their life that leads to making that choice. Sometimes we dont have all the facts so we jump to a conclusion that someone is this or that.

Same way we thought richard was this all knowing and doesnt seem to have a clue to what is going on.

Ben & the others have been protecting the island by doing whatever they have to,kill,lie,con.Ben at least asks questions first,the others just seem to kill and not ask questions.

sayid is a fan fave & a good guy, yet hes tortured people and even killed in the name of a cause.

sawyer has killed,conned people out of life savings.

locke killed a woman so that the losties wouldnt leave the island, as well as blow up a sub,destroyed many chances of leaving the island.

Kate has killed and run away from the law.

hurley ran an other over in order to save his friends.

the list goes on and on.

Sure Mib didnt like humans coming to the island,if jacobs job was to protect the island, why was he inviting people to come all the time? sounds more like Mib was just angry that maybe jacob wasnt doing his job correctly and like most of the others like aldo or even ethan, maybe jacob went rogue.

The others seem to have no problem killing people as long as their not on jacobs list.They killed the dharma folks and by what ben said it was the higher up that ordered it. I dont think it was widmore, but jacob since by then it seemed like ben was in charge. Jacob has manipulated ppls lives in order to get them on the island as well. made their lives miserable.Let people die.had people killed. I know theres tons of people saying that mib was taking jacobs form and giving these orders,but mib seems clueless as well to alot of things going on, meaning jacob who according to locke wants out of his job, same way mib wants off the island could be doing whatever he has to in order to get out.

Mib as smokey Im sure has also done many bad things like killing eko,yet he didnt seem to kill keamy's crew, only injury them,why? He didnt kill richard or sawyer or anyone on the beach,he only killed those in self defense after they were trying to kill him.Not saying hes innocent,but he had his reasons.Just like jacob & everyone else on the island or off had their reasons. The end justifies the means. Theres a bit of evil and good in everyone. Mib wants off the island and is willing to do what it takes to get off of it,why does that make him evil? anyone trapped would be willing to do the same to get out.

Best example I can use is the country we live in, America. Many in the world can say Americans are great and do good things,but then theres those that say America is evil and kills for oil or for power.If a tragedy happens somewhere outside America,ppl love us for helping, if we dont we are considered bad people and in a way evil.See how easy that is?
Just because someone does something,doesnt make them good or evil. It just means they had to do something in order to get something in the end or to help someone.
If you are in jail for a crime you didnt commit, what if one day they prove you didnt commit the crime, But by the time they figure this out you have already been raped,abused and just broken down to a point you kill someone in jail and they cant let you out because now you did commit a crime,because you were forced to commit that crime.You didnt want to but something that happen over time drove you to commit that crime in order to have your freedom of some kind,in which now you look horrible to ppl on the outside who just cant understand why you did it when you werent supposed to be that person that you are now. You stay in a jail for long enough and you become someone else,someone who'll do anything for freedom or just peace of mind.
Like I said before the end justifies the means. Good people have to do horrible things sometimes.doesnt make them bad,just means they had no other way or were forced to.
another example hunting.Some people do it for sport and dont see anything wrong with killing a defenseless animal,where others see it as wrong and no place in this world for it.

Like dogen said about why he prefers to speak in Japanese with a translator. He does this to maintain his philosophy that he needs to distinguish and distance himself from the people he leads, making it easier for them when he makes a decision that they don't like.(thanx to lostpedia)
Meaning he has to do alot of things by orders of someone else,but whats worse is he has to tell others to do it for him.That its all for a good cause,a higher power, protecting something no matter what it is they have to do.

If anyone else has ideas or examples please go ahead and throw them in the comments area.

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