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I've posted a couple of theories on her that propose that the island being underwater is not the result of Jughead, that we will see how the island is submerged later this season, and that the off-island flashes we are seeing are actually the show's epilogue.


It's a lot of reading, so sorry about that. For a quick recap, her goes:

1) Jughead did not create the "alternate" off-island timeline.
2) We have not seen yet why the island is underwater but we will later this season (I am guessing that it is "moved" there).
3) Because the island actually "sank" prior to 1973 in the "alt", we will see Ben Linus off-island and he will be a fine up-standing citizen.
4) The "alt" is the end of Lost, everything else is just progress to get us to that point.
5) Faraday still has a role to play in reconciling the 2 versions of reality we are seeing.
6) In the alt, we will start to see each of the characters find "resolution" to their stories.

Episode 4 shows us some proof of points 1, 3 and 6.

We have now seen Ben Linus off-island as a European History teacher. If Jughead sank the island, then in this timeline everything that happened prior to the incident would still be a part of that timeline's history. That means this new off-island Ben still would have been shot by Sayid, Kate still took him to the Temple, he "lost his innocense" when Richard healed him, and then would have somehow managed to escape the island before it explodes and sinks.

Based on what we saw of Ben off-island in "The Substitute" I believe it is safe to say at this point that none of these things happened to him. If Jughead sank the island, I don't see Ben being a history teach who stands around complaining about the coffee maker. Island Ben would manipulate someone else into making his coffee and then complain about it being too weak before tying them to a chair and forcing them to watch a looped documentary on the Marshall Plan.

If we saw Ben off-island and he was a Chicago politician, then I might agree with those of you who say Jughead sank the island. But he is a History teacher... and doesn't appear to be a particularly sinister one at that.

I think it is now safe to say Jughead did not create th e2 timelines we are seeing.

As for prediction #6, we saw Rose who has come to terms with her illness. We also saw John come to terms with his disability. Again, we also saw Ben, who's life is much better in the ALT than it ever was on the island.

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