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The Mirror, and some Other Stuff by Locke4God

So the mirror has the power to reflect distant images that are special. We'll leave it there for now.

BUT!! Does it also have the power to project Jacob or at least his image to those same places? In other words that's how Jacob was able to appear off island to the losties as kids. He stood in the lighthouse, and his image appear at the degree setting he turned the mirror to? It's not a terrible thought.

Also I'm even more convinced now that the Candidate Cave was MIB's all along and not Jacob's. If Jacob had a whole list of Candidates at the Lighthouse, why would he need the same list rewritten in a more barbaric fashion on the opposite side of the island in a secret location?

And I think it's clear now that Jack must sacrafice himself in the end. Jacob said that some people could be told what to do, but Jack what Jack must do, he'd have to choose to do on his own. That would fit well with a sacrafice of life. Jacob couldn't very well order Jack to kill himself. Jack will have to figure out that it's the only choice he has left.

We'll definately get answers to Adam & Eve now. Hurely blantantly mocked our theories once again, stating that Adam & Eve were probably them, but they wouldn't have had this scene at the caves, taunting us, if we weren't going to get a resolution. Rose & Bernard are still likely suspects.

I don't know if you noticed, but the fact that Claire's "friend" was Flocke, all but confirms that MIB was Christian Shephard, probably all along, since Claire was last seen with Christian and seemed quite happy. The only issue here is that Christian told Locke at the time that Aaron was where he needed to be, so how is it that Claire doesn't know kate has him, unless,,,

As I've suspected for awhile now, MIB is setting them up to kill eachother, since he can't do it himself. He can't kill candidates. Claire to kill kate, Jin perhaps to kill Sun, Sawyer to kill Jack, Sayid to kill Hurley? Not sure how that's working but there definately seems to be rivalries building here. Sawyer even started out the season threatening Jack's life, and by the way, WHERE IS SAWYER? He seemed to be hanging with Mr. Flocke just fine, but now he's nowhere to be seen? Dum Dum Dummmmmmmmmmmmm.

Lastly, it is odd as Jack stated, that they haven't seen the lighthouse before. They island has been circled in both directions a couple of times each now. Hurely not coincidentally said that they weren't looking for it previously. Is that the magic box again?


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