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MIB/Christian/Locke by Claire's Skull Baby

This is a quick theory on why MIB is stuck. Sorry if I am copying anyone.

Even though I want Christian to be someone else other than Jacob or MIB on the island...

I think MIB is stuck because he needs dead bodies that die off the island. He inhabited Christian and was stuck in that body until season 5. He was able to recruit crazy Claire this way (and maybe was part of his plan). And he used Christian to help convince Locke to die, and used Locke to get Jack to comeback with the body ("your dad says hello").

He then was unstuck when a new dead body from off the island was introduced. He is know "stuck" in that body until another body arrives.

MIB can "infect" any body that dies on the island, but is stuck in bodies that die off the island that arrive on island.

My only question: how did he use Eko's brothers body while Christians body was on island?

With all of these great powers, have we really seen what Jacob can do yet?

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