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MIB has 'work to do' on the island, the truth of which isn't really all that important compared to the question of WHY WOULD HE RESIGN(wink to the original and ONLY 'Prisoner' there), and is it right for him to quit in the first place.
MIB wants to go home, but some entity (his True Nemesis?) doesn’t want him leaving…wherever he currently resides. Jacob is subordinate to this True Nemesis.

Jacob was MIB’s guard and they became friends eventually; they had differing views, talked, and wound up having this kind of game between them that would show who was right.

They both understood the circumstances: MIB had to eliminate Jacob’s boss to escape home, and Jacob would have to be eliminated for MIB to get at Jacob’s boss.

Jacob has no direct interest or care for whatever happens between MIB and True Nemesis – though he’s inclined to believe that MIB won’t succeed. Also, as a longtime guard often does, he knows the secrets of this eternal metaphysical prison (The Island) better than anybody – possibly even than his superior.

Unless of course the True Nemesis is some guiding force embodied in the Island. Anyways, the True Nemesis is no longer in tangible existence on the prison, but he still exerts influence (the ash) through ‘automated’ security measures imbued with his/her/its influence (thus the circles of ash, the strange white light and sound over Bram’s head when MIB tried to kill him while he was in the circle).

MIB resents being imprisoned, and though Jacob is a swell guy and they get along all right, he has an absolute need/drive/desire to get home. Jacob understands this (and may actually sympathize with MIB), and there is a mutual agreement between them that eventually, when MIB makes his break, Jacob will not stand in his way. He will, however, do his best to bring MIB around to his way of thinking in the process.

MIB resents being chained, trapped, manipulated, or told what to do. He encourages Ben to kill Jacob (it’s his ticket out) and is VERY DISAPPOINTED in the rest of the 'Prisoners'(folks with Work To Do on the Island) when they don't immediately cheer and join him in trying to break out – but Jacob puts in one last jab at MIB’s (necessarily, for this is LOST) flawed thinking: MIB is trying to manipulate and maneuver Ben – taking away his choice, telling him not to question whether he 'wants' to do the deed or whether it's right or wrong. Jacob’s comments to Ben (“you still have a choice”) were meant for MIB, showing that prison is in the eye of the beholder – and MIB, in his struggle for freedom, has compromised another individual’s ‘freedom’ and given him another kind of ‘duty.’
Jacob is challenging MIB to accept the limits of what he wants, what he can take, and what he needs to accept (he may have a purpose on the island that he will deny by going home). Recall the many times the concept of destiny/duty/responsibility vs. identity/individual desires – Widmore vs. the ‘Island’, Desmond being ‘done with the Island’ although the Island is not done with him, ‘Live together, Die Alone,’ Juliet vs. Ben, Kelvin vs. Desmond. MIB is facing the same crisis of choice between society and self.

Still, Jacob has enough respect for his friend not to screw up his jailbreak attempt. He lets Ben kill him (knowing there will still be ‘existence’ of some kind for him as a ghost), allowing MIB’s first step toward freedom and home to begin.

Of course, there are more guards(Bram and Ilana, the Temple folk [I’m thinking the Temple is either some kind of armory or a way in/out of the prison that Dogan and the rest are supposed to guard]), and though MIB has begun to take over the prison, the situation is still tenuous and there are innocent (uninvolved as of yet) people (815ers, Frieghties) visiting the prison. MIB isn’t in the clear just yet, and it sounds like the True Nemesis is going to insist that MIB stay and finish his work.

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