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MiB is NOT stuck in John Locke's body by mikemac

OK so Ilana tells Ben, Frank and Sun that their enemy is now stcuk in John Locke's body. I've read a lot of confusion/unanswered question spots along the lines of "If MiB is stuck as John Locke, then how did Alex appear before Ben and Christian (assuming he is an apparition of MiB) appear to Sun and Frank?" My guess, and I hope this makes sense, is that Ilana would be right, but she is wrong. Ilana is under the impression that John Locke, and not Ben, killed Jacob. This is an obvious breaking of the set of "rules" set up between Jacob and the MiB. If Ben hadn't lied and said that John Locke/smoke monster killed jacob, I don't think Ilana would be under the impression that he is "stuck" as John Locke. I could be wrong, in fact, i know i'm wrong but hey thats why we are all Lost fans haha!!!

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