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I thought it was quite interesting that the smoke monster didn't appear until Jacob died. We know that Flocke is also the smoke monster in human form. That's been confirmed. But what if Jacob was also inhabited by a smoke monster, and what if the smoke monster can only appear in smoke form when the original body it's locked in has been killed? What happens when Jacob is killed? Does this release the yin to MiB's yang, forming a super-monster?

Maybe this is why the Temple Others were so adamant about circling the temple with ashes once they heard Jacob was dead. Think about it. If MiB/black smokey is the only one they're worried about, why don't they have a constant circle of ashes? No... the reason they didn't have a constant circle of ashes is because they assumed Jacob was still living/trapped in his body and a loophole hadn't been found for the black smoke monster (the one in MiB now) to kill the body that was inhabited by white smoke monster, thereby releasing all hell.

In my theory, MiB and Jacob on the beach were both still in their bodies. (Jacob on the beach was DEFINITELY still locked in his body. Not sure if this theory can be explained if MiB was already free.) And what if the only able to be released by the willing hands of a human? Isn't that kind of a recurring theme on the show?

So in essence, here's what I think about what happened in LA X:

The Temple Others know that black smokey is free. In my theory, he was willingly killed by Ben when he WILLINGLY helped the Others commit the Purge on the DI. No surprises, and the Temple Others don't seem all that concerned. After all, they seem to be part of the gang that released him. Currently, black smokey is posing as Locke and white smokey (gray smokey, whatever) was still trapped in Jacob. This is EXACTLY what the Temple Others were cool with. What actually happened in the foot of the statue was that MiB WANTED Jacob free so that he could be free, but someone had to do it willingly. Ironically, just as Richard helped set the events of the Purge in motion through Ben, Flocke is setting more events in motion through Ben. Once Jacob was killed, the smoke monster that appeared was actually the smoke monster inside Jacob OR maybe a combined super-powerful smoke monster - a combination of white and black, forming the gray smoke monster we saw.

What I think is that Jacob was WILLINGLY staying alive so that the smoke monster that was DIVIDED. Originally, some higher being divided the power of the smoke monster into two beings, because it was too powerful. Basically, the powers were split into two cages that couldn't be opened by the other. In essence, each smoke monster is powerful enough to do the things we see on the show, but not NEARLY powerful enough to do the things it really wants to.

What's interesting is to think about when Jacob and MiB were on the beach. MiB saying, "Do you know how badly I want to kill you?" I think MiB DOES contain the evil portion of the smoke monster - the part that wants badly for the two smoke monsters to be reunited to form the megamonster. So... what if they can only escape their current bodies and become a smoke monster if a human kills them willingly? What if smoke monsters gain the ability to mimic bodies once free of their previous "chains" in order to influence things even more? And what if Jacob's body containing the white smokey was trying to bring people to the Island in order to put black smokey BACK into a caged body somehow?

Some things to think about...

-What part does Richard play in this? Does he protect Jacob not knowing exactly what would happen if Jacob dies?

-What role do the Others/Temple Others play in this? Are they in favor of black smokey being free because it protects the Island? Or are they responsible for helping Jacob to bring the Losties on the list to the Island in order to contain the black smoke monster back into a cage?

-Why were the Temple Others not worried about black smokey attacking them, but as soon as Jacob was freed, they go into panic lockdown mode?

Some things I'll have to think about with those last questions... but I truly think that this theory at least moderately fits with the things we've been seeing.

It certainly fits with the themes of balance and destiny.

What do you think?

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