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The Man-In-Black's Long Con by Dave

This is going to be very long winded and it involves multiple episode references. If something like this has already been posted, I do apologize.

This is to shed light on the Man in Black's plans starting in Season 3, and kind of shows the producers had set up this multi-season plan a long time ago.

Back in "The Incident", Illana, Bram, and company trek to "Jacob's Cabin". When arriving, the immediately notice that the ring of ash has been broken. When entering and finally exiting, Illana proclaims that Jacob has not been there for quite some time.

In "LA X", we see the ash being used to keep the smoke monster out of what ever is inside the circle of ash. Bram is standing inside the circle of ash and the Temple others spread ash to keep the smoke monster from entering the temple. Whatever is inside the circle of ash, seems to be safe from the smoke monster.

Again, I remind you that the circle of ash was broken as of "The Incident". We do not know exactly when or how it was broken, but it was broken, meaning the smoke monster could enter the cabin.

It seems pretty definitive that the Smoke Monster can inhabit dead bodies: Eko's Brother Yemi, Alex, and now Locke.

Lets switch to "The Man Behind the Curtain"...they are in the cabin and Ben is trying to pull a fast one over Locke because Ben thinks he is the rightful heir to the island and does not want to lose control to Locke. The con continues until Locke decides to leave and heres the words "Help Me". At the time, we all thought those words were coming from Jacob. But I think they were coming from MIB because it was those two words that started off the chain of events between the power play of Ben and Locke.

Switch to "Cabin Fever" and Locke's interaction with a very dead Horace Goodspeed. He tells him to find Jacob, he must go to the cabin. Locke, Ben, and Hurley trek off to the cabin. Locke enters and who does he find? The very dead Christian Shephard and a possibly "claimed" Claire. Christian says he could speak on Jacob's behalf and tells Locke he needs to move the island. Ben interprets this to mean Ben has to move the island. Ben moves the island and causes the Frozen Donkey Wheel to slip off its axis, causing the trips through time for the survivors.

In "Because You Left"/"Follow the Leader", we see MIB/Flocke tell Richard Alpert that RA must tell Locke that to save his friends he must die. The conversation goes according to plan. Locke decides to go to the Orchid and turn the FDW to fix the problem. Who does he meet when in the FDW cavern, but Christian who tells him he was supposed to turn the wheel and now he must turn the wheel, without Christian's help. Before departing for Tunisia, Christian utters the very line that sends Jack Shephard into dissaray, "Tell my son I said hello" This line told from Locke to Jack pushes Jack into a desperate place, and along with the death of Locke at the hands of Ben, causes Jack to contemplate suicide. And then the famous line of "We have to go back"

Locke is dead and they have to go back. They go back to the Island on Ajira 316 carrying Locke's body. MIB inhabits Locke's body...manipulates Ben into killing Jacob. And the rest is progressing in front of our eyes.

But it all began in Season 3,"TMBTC" and the two words of "Help me" that sent Locke down the road to him ultimate fate. MIB used the power play between Ben, the leader of the others and Locke, a candidate for protector of the island against each other to be put in the position he is currently in because it gave him the best opportunity to kill Jacob and go "home".

Thats all I have for now. I hope what I wrote makes sense. Let me know what you think. If what I wrote is true, then the producers set this MIB plan since the very end of season three of before, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

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