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Lost Island is Atlantis by Alex Winter

We've all heard the theory that the island is Atlantis. But did you know Atlantis was built in honor of Poseidon, the god of the seas. Jacob, Richard, Christian,and the man in black (flocke) could all be gods such as Poseidon as christian, Zeus as Jacob, and Hades as Flocke. This would be the reason why they never seem to age. The island itself also holds some details to support the Atlntis theory such as the Adonis statue, the Hydra DHARMA station, and the black smoke. Mt. Olympus which is the home of the gods, is told to move around with the gods to keep it hidden. Atlantis,also follows this reputation and which would also support the lost island moving. The temple would be considered Posedions house, and holds the fountain of youth.
When we saw the island underwater, this could have been another way for Posidon to hide the island. The timetravel could have caused Poseidon to not flood the island and therefore the 815 flight crashed.

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