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4+8+15+16+23+42=108! yes! the history of lost is on the Ragnarok or Amargedon. In the tradition Scandinavian the Ragnarok is the war enters the good and the bad one. The bad one is led by Loki and the good for Odin. If Loki to win then the born in the kingdom evil in the world; more if defeated it will be imprisoned per a thousand years!!! MIB is the devil, the Loki!!!
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Lost always, in offers false tracks, Locke to them initially was related with the philosopher, however always believed that, in the truth if it dealt with the Loki of mythology Scandinavian. With the approach of the end of the series, where the MIB takes the form of Locei and reveals as lies, I believe that it in fact is not the Locke but Loki, and does not want to go for house, more to leave the island and to dominate the world.
A time more the conflict enters the good and the bad one if it approaches, and a time more the good is successful, and thus we will have a new guard for the island, certainly the number 23= Jack. Thus when the smoke monster will be placed in its place, after the conflict between the antagonistic forces, in way that the rocks black and white reequilibrem the scale, Jack will be the new Guard of the Island.

By Tiago Gonçalves de Araujo. In Twitter.com/homemazul

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