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This is my first time posting! I've been following these posts for a long time and I read a few interesting things that I want to add to. Sorry if this has already been posted...

1. I think there is something important about the bodies on the island being buried. (I read that somewhere else on here and I agree.) If the bodies are buried then no one can inhabit the body. If they aren't buried such as Christian Shepard's body when the plane crashed then MIB/the island can take over that body.

2. There must have been some kind of significance when Locke's body was buried. I think part of Locke came back. The reason I think this is because when we see him chasing the blonde boy through the forest and the boy reminds him that he cannot kill "him" Locke says "don't tell me what I can and can't do!" This seems like the old Locke to me. Then he meets up with Sawyer again and Sawyer says "who was the boy?" and Locke says "what boy?" because at that moment he was not Flocke (this must have happened right after his body was buried.)

3. The code that Jacob's body gaurds say to Jacob is "he who lies in the shadow of the statue will save us all" and Locke's body was lying in the shadow of the statue.

What do you guys think?

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