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In "the Substitude" we saw Flocke how he shouted to the strange child "do not tell me what I can not do". Some people think that the John Locke part of Flocke came out here, but I think the MIB´s background and John Lockes are nearly the same or in other words: History repeats itself, and John Locke was the Candidate; the replacement for the MIB, never for Jacob.

We learned last episode the MIB and Locke have probably one thing in common: They want things they can not have. MIB want´s Freedom as Locke wanted somehow freedom, this is not coincedence. And I think the "rules" say that the MIB is not ment to be free, and THIS is the thing Jacob has to prove on the Island again and again. Jacob ist not protecting the Island, he protects the whole entire universe which would probably collapse if the MIB would break the rules, and like Locke Originaly, he can not accept his fate.

The MIB´s loophole was the rebirth as John Locke, somehow he was alwys John Locke and vice versa and Jacob knew it all the time so he started his Oceanic six plan, because from the beginning he somehow knew he would die and he will need someone to replace him, his "candidate". I think when Richard started that "dalai lama" test locke selected things who once belong to the MIB, maybe this way jacob find out. Remember how shocked richard was, i think i saw that shock again in the "The Substitude".

And this whole thing is "the loop", but if im right, the ALT timeline would mean that the MIB will accept that he belongs to the island and nothing of all this will ever happen.

Thats my theory so far hopefully you like it. And sorry for my bad english ;)

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