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Law of Equivalent Exchange, a law of science, and a law of alchemy. For much of the show DamCar have stated that people haven’t had enough information to theorize correctly, though they say some people’s theories have been really close to reality, that no one has been able to get it right because the show hasn’t given us enough information to pick the right questions to ask. However, following “What Kate Does” we now have enough information to start the questions.

First is why are the Losties where they are, and why are they who they are? Where is described as an alt reality, or a parallel universe, which the flash-sideways seem to corroborate, I mean, come on, the transition sound is obviously a TARDIS. Seriously though, the law of equivalent exchange means that the universe can’t have more than x amount of mass/energy, that its always had that amount, etcetera. But this is a mysterious Island.

David Hume thought that reason was important because in life we don’t have bad guys wearing black & good guys wearing white, that we have to judge phenomena somehow, though. I feel we have to use history (flashbacks), trending (flash-forward’s), and theoreticals (flash-sideways). Lost is a mysterious island because we’re thrown into the center of it without any idea of the history, mythology, spiritual or future aspects of this island and its story. However Jacob had to be killed via loophole, MIB couldn’t just stab him, to me that’s an example of the LoEE in action.

Secondly, the losties had to do something in their hero’s journey to prove they appreciated their fate, and that was Jughead. But the LoEE had to do something when the blast affected the energy source for the island, that set in motion the flash sideways. While people call the flash-sideways an Alt universe, that’s wrong, the timeline of the losties moved forward, and when they time traveled to Dharma Times, the timeline continued to move forwards, thus the flash sideways are the same reality as the Jughead blast. So, where are they now?

The island is mysterious, it exists as a phenomena that hasn’t given us the right questions yet, but soon will. For Jin the island in 07 is his reality, whereas for FS Jin 04 LAX is his reality. Sun took Ajira 316 to the island, yet her husband was dropped there years ago, but flashed there after the Jughead sacrament. So if the island can follow the Law of Equivalent exchange, and the island is a phenomena that can’t be judged rationally like other elements of reality, what is the island? And if our losties have received Jacob’s touch and thus blown up the island yet landed in 07 because LoEE can’t have the same mass in the same Universe, why are the losties allowed to do this and why does the fabric of the Cosmos move out of the way for them. This is the question that the show wants us to ask, and these are the mysteries that will matter the most this season.

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